What The Peck Is This (Part 8 of Many)

Okay, I think it is time to hit the bookstore and find a better field guide for birds.  I keep running across birds that do not show up in my guide at all, but in this particular case, I can’t even find it using a number of field guides on the web.  Oh, and by the way, I especially liked the online guide I found today that basically made me pick the name of the bird from a drop down list in order to see what it looks like… if I knew that… nevermind.   I do have a lot of successes using the Google image search, but struck out on this latest bird.  Unfortunately, I was rushing around trying to find the camera and make it back before this bird decided to fly off.  As a result, all you get is some fuzzy pictures, but you should be able to get a good feel for what it looked like.  It has NEVER shown up again and quite frankly glad I even got one picture of it.

So now you are probably asking yourself…  “When is he going to show me the bird?”.  Well, here you go.  I’ll start with a side shot that gives a good view of the side markings.

Unknown Pecker

It is clearly clinging to the side of the tree similar to a woodpecker, but I looked through all the typical woodpeckers and nothing came close to resembling this bird.  I thought the distinctive white bars on the wing and the solid brown/tan head would be a clear giveaway… but no luck.  Here is another side view which gives a very good view of the beak shape and a little crisper on the coloring.

Based on the beak, and posture, I am still under the impression it is in the woodpecker family.  What is a little odd is the head shape in this image since it looks more like a standard bird than most of the pecker shapes.

Unknown Pecker

However, this fuzzier image does show the more extended neck, so I think I’m still convinced my assumption is correct.

Unknown Pecker

The last shot I have of the unknown identified bird is one that shows a little more of the back and probably more important, gives a really good perspective of the back of the head showing the coloring on the crown and crisper coloring around the eyes.

Unknown Pecker

As always, any help in identifying this guy (or gal I guess) would be greatly appreciated.  Hopefully I can find some time this weekend to stop by a Barnes N Nobles and see if there are more comprehensive guides available.


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