That's One for the Fail

I happen to be a huge fan of the various “Fail” sites on the Internet.  Just in case you are not familiar with them, basically they collect images and photos of things that fit into a generic failed category.  This could be such things as an engineering failure, a social failure, a design failure or the most common types, signs and descriptions that are incorrectly worded.  Two of the best sites on the web are and The first catering to bad translations and the second for the ever popular “Owned” images.  As an avid fan, I am always on the lookout for items like this and over the years have collected quite a few.  I lot of mine can be found at  I decided it would be fitting to include some of the new ones on this blog since after all, this is all about observations.  Warning, some of these are mature oriented.

As a the first in this new category, I’m going to start with a chocolate marshmallow treat I was given in my last Christmas stocking.  Chocolate covered marshmallow treats is nearly an addiction for me so I was eager to bite into the sweetness.  This feeling changed abruptly once I got it out of the packaging.

Snowman Treat

All I could think of was South Park and their quite disturbing character Mr. Hanky.  This character actually being a talking/singing piece of poo with arms, eyes and a Santa hat.

Mr. Hanky

Before I forget, I grabbed this image off of the net.  If someone has an issue with me using it, just let me know along with proof you have rights and I’ll find another one to replace it.  Now I ask you, is this really the impression the candy company is trying to capture?  The confectionery creators didn’t care, so I’m assuming they either don’t watch the show or it is a secret inside joke to them.  In either case, I’m going with another brand next time.

I have some more fails after the jump

Next up, a quick one from Richmond IL.  Linda and I were up there for a dog show last summer and I ended up taking a number of fail pictures while we were checking the place out.  Neon signs are always a source of laughter and this one fits the bill.

International Ho

Better have your shots up to date before you go into that place. While at the dog show there, I walked into the MEN’s restroom and saw this sign.

Bathroom Sign

In a panic, I quickly washed my hands and ran out to check the door.  It had a urinal, but you can never be too sure in a situation like this.  Luckily, I had chosen correctly.


Oh, and I almost forgot, on the way to the show we stopped off at a McDonald’s to grab a quick breakfast.  As we approached the drive-thru, something odd caught my attention.

McDonald' Drivethru

I looked like the sign had experienced a major malfunction.  As we pulled closer, it definitely looked like a meltdown.

McDonald's Sign

That shot is a little dark, I ended up making Linda hold up the drive-thru line for a second or two while I got a closer shot of the carnage.  I am blaming the Hamburglar.

McDonald's sign melted

And the last shot from Richmond came from a little strip mall where we stopped for some dinner.  While waiting for the food to cook, I looked outside and saw a sign that made me laugh.

Cougar Warning

I am guessing this might be legitimate, but I am not used to seeing warning signs about real wildlife cougars.  The image I couldn’t get out of my head was a scene from Fight Club where Ed Norton was attending all of the various therapy sessions.   This one would be filled with silver haired women in high heels, glittery dresses and fishnet stockings looking to score.

Next up is the makers of Lucky Charms who decided to cash in on the whole Dark Knight craze and include a Dark Knight themed action figure in their boxes of cereal.

Lucky Charms

This might have been acceptable, but they chose to also include The Joker.

The Joker

I would think the target audience for Lucky Charms is dominated by small kids.  Is an action figure of the Joker really the best choice for that demographic?  First off, I am not sure that sector can even get into the show (guessing it was at least PG13) and once the sugar high wears off they are going to be left with some serious nightmares.  Don’t believe me…. he is dressed as a CLOWN and all CLOWNS are EVIL – ’nuff said.  Although, I will say, as far as “action” goes

Lucky Charms

raising a single leg by pulling it back and letting it go (aka “kicking” ) does not … I repeat … does not constitute action in my book.

Continuing the bad packaging theme, what’s up with the potato head on the right?

Potatoe Head

They only thing I can make out of this situation is the pirate on the left grabbed his right arm in the middle of heated combat and shoved it in his enemies mouth.  Clearly by the look in his eyes, the pirate on the right was not expecting this move leaving him vulnerable to the left hand slash.  And no, it did not escape my observation that one of the pirates has a CLOWN nose on.

By the way, if the previous potato head was confused in that situation, think what he would have done in this scenario.

Walk or Don't Walk

Do I go, Do I stay, Do I go, Do I stay… no clue dude.  Note, if you have never seen Caterpillar’s headquarters in Peoria IL, that is the building in the background.

Looks like Mr. Hanky actually has his own slot machines.  Passing through the casino floors (sorry can’t remember which one anymore), I came across this little gem.  Two steps after passing this slot, I asked myself if I really saw what I saw.  I made Linda backtrack so I could verify it.  Unfortunately, I had to stand there for close to 5 minutes waiting for the eye candy to cycle through and sure enough, it was verified.

Poopers Slot Machine

Words of wisdom for your quarters.

Warning Warning Warning, following images are on the more adult side of the Fail.

Another one from Vegas.  Linda and I were walking from the Luxor to Mandalay when I about tripped on my own feet.  I was checking out the pretty people shops when I noticed the store name for an art gallery.

Peter Lik

I have no idea who this person is, but regardless of whether he is famous or not… you need to take a step back and decide if this is something you want to advertise to your potential customers.

I wonder if he designed these stool legs I noticed in a Dr.’s office I had the misfortune of waiting in?

Penis Stools

Surprisingly, this was not the most disturbing scene I was exposed to in this office.  A picture hanging on the wall was sending off some bad vibes.  It took me quite awhile to figure out what was bothering me so much.  And then it hit me and I immediately reached for my camera.

Bass Harmonistes

Anything bothering you?  Let me give you a hint, there is no piano in the picture.  I guess you are supposed to imagine there is one there, but that was not happening for me.  All I could see was some guy bending down to the crotch of another guy who is giving the “O” face.

On that note, I leave you with one final sign.   I ask you, what do you have to do to have your entire family tree banned from a bar?

No Heeleys Allowed

This sign was in a dinner/bar in Dunlap IL.

That’s all I have for now.  I hope you enjoyed and if not, don’t worry, it will be awhile before I have enough new images to show.  Although, a friend has been collecting some for me.


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