Taking A Rest, Going With Some Fails

I spent the day today haaaammmmmmeeeerrrrr drilling 24 3.5″ holes in some cement pillars I constructed for a bridge I am building on my lot.  I had no idea it was going to be as difficult as it was and now awaiting a nasty bruise to appear on the inside of my knee and my hands are just about numb.  Oh, a quick word of advise, when your 3/4″ bit is in the cement, don’t relax on your grip as you slowly bring the bit out of the hole.   If you just asked why (which means you probably experienced it yourself), it is because the heavy torque in the hammer drill will rip it out of your hands and if you are position as I was, it will crack right into the inside of your knee.  I was a quick learner on that one.  Anyway, to give my hands a rest (not having to make a logo or work a lot with images) I went with a collection of fails for this post and likely the next one as well since my production is again behind schedule.

Starting off today’s fails is a picture my brother took in Naperville.

He noticed this sign on Plainfield-Naperville Rd.  He even took the time to notify the park district, however, as of a few days ago they have still not corrected it.  The interesting part of this is obviously someone spent a significant amount of time building it, more individuals spent time setting it in concrete and working on the landscape and NONE of them either noticed or cared enough to bring it to someone’s attention.  Thanks for the photo Ron.

Next up is the deceitful marketing arm for Hersheys.  Although I try not to eat lunch out of the vending machines, every once in awhile I have to.  I figured I would at least get some nutrition from the peanuts so I took the king sized PayDay.

A bad habit of mine is to quickly look at the nutrition label and translate it into the miles I need to run that night to work it off.  So I pulled it out of the machine and turned it over and winced.

I read the calorie content and quickly located the serving size (standard marketing gimmicks to make it seem better than it is) and noticed it was 2.  Then an odd little line at the top of the box caught my attention.  I’ll let you figure out why I bothered to save the wrapper for my blog (okay, I did give you a big hint).


So how would you like to a Fireman in this community?  Big thanks to my friend Rocket who gave me this shot.

This actually reminds me of the ambulance service in my area.  Basically it is the Brimfield, Yates City, Elmwood ambulance service so the last thing you see before being put inside the ambulance is the sign on the side that says B.Y.E.  Not exactly what you want to see on your way to the hospital.

Here is one for the do-it-yourself people out there.  Apparently Homax Products Inc. thinks you are an idiot… or has been sued by an idiot.

It is a bad scan, but it basically says Note: Once trimmed, the notch cannot be made smaller.

And the last one for this post, an entire wall reserved to the honoring all the great dogs and their owners  in their club.

Hmmm, well, at least there will be plenty of room when they actually have the need.  I really like how high they put the lettering.

Oh well, catch you next time


2 comments on “Taking A Rest, Going With Some Fails

  1. Ron

    Update on the Park District sign: they removed the panel this weekend. If I thought they had experienced a creative spark to subtly demonstrate that you can see the parkway through the opening rather than reading about it, I’d be impressed, but I don’t.


    I am amazed, this post was submitted only a day ago and you are already commenting on it.. you in between projects or something? 8^) It appears the correction was more difficult than first expected if they actually took the entire panel out .. figured they could just rearrange the letters. I am a little bummed my Naperville area readers (and there are toooo many to count) can’t go check out the sign now. Thanks for the update!

  2. Ron

    Well, the reason that they can’t rearrange the letters on the sign is that they are etched directly into the wood with a router and then painted white (specifically to prevent anyone from re-arranging letters, I presume). That’s one thing that’s so odd about this. The misspelling was done with the router, and then someone painted the dug out letters without realizing the mistake. And then the installation and landscaping was done as well without anyone realizing the mistake.

    The letters also look a bit jammed together around the mistake. Compare the spacing there to that for “PAR” of PARKWAY. All in all, a substandard job. I have yet to subject it to tests to verify that it is strictly level horizontally.

    This correspondent will continue to monitor and report accordingly.

    So let me get this straight (guy being gender neutral):
    The router guy missed it
    The painter guy missed it
    The hauler guy missed it
    The installer guys missed it
    The landscaping guy missed it

    on a sign designed to keep deviants from rearranging the letters to read KR BRIANS POOPWAY KR – Let me guess, all 5+ of these people were allowed to vote in the last election. Thanks for keeping us posted on this situation

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