Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

May your travels be safe and your family and friendships be strong

Wild Turkey shot on lot in Brimfield, IL

Sorry for the slightly soft pictures – only Turkey shots I had that were processed and haven’t already been featured on the blog.  These were taken by my feeders back in August 2015.  The mother hen would bring her offspring over for a morning snack.  To her credit, she kept a close eye on them and would hurry them to safety whenever she saw my camera pointed at them.
Wild Turkey shot on lot in Brimfield, IL

Happy Holidays!



2 comments on “Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

  1. Ron

    Very cute!! Did they make it off your property before you got your gun?


  2. admin

    I have a “safe zone” for almost all the wildlife on our property. Almost in the sense that any Coyote that makes itself visible to me is in serious jeopardy of dying from lead poisoning and we all know what happens when a Mole decides to do something stupid like leave the safety of the woods to tear up the small area of the lot designated for our yard. Other than that (and the dumb birds that break their necks on our windows), this is a total sanctuary. Leave the confines of our acreage and they are in definite risk of getting nailed by the hunters that surround us. How do they repay me.. by eating my landscape and tearing up my feeders (I believer your term “bastards” fits in this situation).

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