Don't Be Cruel to the Mule

Sorry everyone!  I jumped the gun on my Yellowstone cleaning post.  Turns out I have a few more featured posts from Yellowstone that I had already worked up the images for.  I was combing through my post catalog and noticed there were still entries labeled as “draft”!    Nothing like doing all the work in the darkroom and then forgetting to publish them.

So, without further delay, here are some pictures of the Mule Deer hanging out in the park.

Mule Deer shot at Yellowstone National Park May 2013

Not just any Mule Deer, BABY Mule Deer.  I remember working this up for my recent offspring series.  We must have hit the season perfectly for newborns out there based on the variety of shots we came home with.  This little guy or gal was spotted across the street from where the Badger was spotted (link here).

Mule Deer shot at Yellowstone National Park May 2013

Hit the jump to view a few more shots of this young Mule Deer.

I remember noticing how little fear it had of us.  I do not know how big these deer are when they are born, but guessing this one could not have been that old. It was still a little shaky on its legs.  Pretty vulnerable times considering how many predators lurk those Yellowstone fields.

Hopefully this specimen made it through those dangerous times and living a life of luxury in the park.  One thing for sure, it should have been able to at least hear the enemy coming with those huge ears – they look like deep space probes.

Mule Deer shot at Yellowstone National Park May 2013

You cannot tell it from the pictures, but there is a pond just in front of where this little one was standing.  This is likely why it was hanging out in that particular area.  It was an uber-cute scene whenever it would come up to the lake on wobbly legs, lock them in like giraffe and lower down for a drink.  I did get this shot that shows the stance, but missed out on the drinking ones.

Mule Deer shot at Yellowstone National Park May 2013

The good news is this cutie wasn’t out there on its own.  His mother and either her girlfriend or possibly a buck (not sure when these Mule deer start getting their velvet) were standing watch nearby.  From a composition perspective, I love this next shot.  Something was making them uneasy at that moment….

Mule Deer shot at Yellowstone National Park May 2013

It just might be the subject of an upcoming post…..don’t be worried though, they ended up passing on the danger signal to the rest of the tiny heard and headed for the safety of the timberline.

Again, sorry for getting you all excited about FINALLY getting through the Yellowstone trip (the hate mail on the over use of the Yellowstone material is flooding the box).  Hang in there, just a few more posts…. or maybe more hehehe.


2 comments on “Don't Be Cruel to the Mule

  1. Ron

    Wow, that’s a cute little Mule Deer! Too bad you didn’t get a shot of it drinking from the pond.

    I was wondering where the parents were. I would suspect that the darker, more massive one in the back of your “synchronized” photo is the male.

    Cool pics!


  2. admin

    Isn’t he cute! I did miss the drinking shot but I was probably trying to keep an eye out for that nasty Badger. Not sure if that is the male or not – they shed their antlers in early spring but according to our friends over at Wikipedia, they begin to regrow them almost immediately – this seems like another difference between the Whitetail besides the ears and antler pattern. May just be the older mother and the other a previous year’s daughter – too bad I didn’t get a front shot of the two – they were pretty busy making sure no harm came to their new family member.


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