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Flyhover Nation - Dana Loesch

First off, I’d like to congratulate my mother for kicking the crap out of the big “C” – we received excellent news today in stark contrast to what we were expecting to hear based on a pre-appointment call she got indicating bad things were occurring.  Apparently someone got their signals crossed on the communication.  Regardless, we are all extremely happy for her – way to fight it out!

Now on to today’s post featuring a new book recollection.  This particular book is called Flyover Nation and it was written by Dana Loesch.  A friend of mine lent me this offering (actually the same one who let me read his American Gun (link here).  Much like the Kyle book, this was a quick read – think it took me two days while traveling in the car to various places.  I had high hopes for this book especially since it was mentioned on a number of conservative outlets I frequent.  Unfortunately, it fell short of those lofty expectations by quite a big margin.  The book really doesn’t flow very well at all.  One minute she is discussing the merits of the Midwest and the next thing I know she is backhanding a fitness company because they do not have her favorite work out device.  The concept for the book is intriguing, although there may be some bias since I often catch myself looking up at the large jets passing over god’s country to their steel havens on the coast.  We do have a different mentality in the Midwest and contrary to every pseudo reporter at the biased liberal media machines – it isn’t the same values held in New York.  Cruz was right, but his decision to bring it out then was a foolish mistake.  We like our guns, we like nature and most of all we believe in SMALL government.  Dana attempts to bring these key differences to light, but often resorts to over-simplification, generalization and quite frankly overused stereotypes – yes, Dana, there are many who put more than one r in our washers, but generally keep that in check when talking to anyone outside our circles.  Based on the takeaway section below, there was quite a few tidbits that were worth noting from the book so it wasn’t wasted time.  The part that bothers me the most is she admits that she was an outspoken Liberal in her early years but then had a child and suddenly she found the conservative light and became a champion for their values.  So basically, when the left values no longer favored her, she jumped ship.  Congratulations for coming to your senses, but you have a lot of ground to make up before you come to the level of people born into strong valued communities, raised by high integrity parents and openly embraced all of her newfound conservative ideals at a tender age.  Add in all the axes she is still harboring to the other scattered topics and it just seems to lose a lot of its potential luster.    In summary, if you live in or at least from flyover country I’d probably put this deeper in your stack of reads.  If, instead, you think the Midwest is just a bunch of irritating hours before you get to the posh coastlines – then grab it for your next plane right – you might get a better understanding of who really makes this country the best in the world.

Hit the jump to read some of the key elements of the read.


  • Pro gun thanks to them protecting her aunt from her estranged husband – funny, how the if it saves one person argument is never applied by the Leftists when it comes to this application. Her aunt’s Threat ended by grandfather with a shotgun. Also viewed as a source of food in the Midwest
  • People in flyover develop a reverence for land and wildlife in their care – I agree
  • Hypocrisy – Bloomberg’s anti second amendment group political director is same for Planned Parenthood.  Planned Parenthood is insuring less gun victims by insuring less make it out of the womb – if you want to play that line of reasoning.
  • In rural America you were either wife, waitress, bank teller or mortician make up artist – I hate it when conservatives resort to over generalization – we tend to leave that for the Liberals.
  • She comes from a broken home – horrible relationship with father.  Hated men hated marriage and wanted apology from the world.  Saved by a Baptist church camp at 11 – these years are not adding up right
  • Flyover self worth – number of flowers delivered to funeral home, length of funeral procession, trinkets at a grave site.  I have always thought the size of the line of people at your visitation is best litmus of your life with caveats of course for those living away from their home base, but it is always comforting to me when I see a lot of people willing to take the time to pay their last respects.
  • Talks about euthanasia as cheating God of his master plan. In flyover only legitimate assist is for a jailer to pull the switch.  Somewhat mixed on this depending on whether the person has given a full fight to make it past some bad disease or hardship.  I am opposed to suicide because it feels like the weakest way out.
  • Choice comes before you decide to have sex
  • Robert Lewis Dear Planned Parenthood incident was manipulated as a fundraiser for the org even though the shootout started at a nearby bank, wasn’t a republican or pro life affiliate – apparently that murder is bad, where murdering in the womb is hunky dory
  • She is harsh on adulatory, divorce and any other form of destroying the family – again mixed on this, but one must try extra hard to make it through if there are children involved – at least from my perspective because you are potentially screwing up the life of someone YOU chose to bring into it.
  • She started one of the largest GoFundMe in nation to support a liberal mafia hit on a pizza shop for not catering a same sex wedding.
  • Rahm Emanuel famously said Chick-Fil-A values are not Chicago values – backfired setting a sales record and total bullshit since apparently gang killings in the murder capital of the US is part of their moral fiber – Hey Rahm, isn’t there someone in a shower you need to go verbally harass.
  • Brought the whole Willock and Collinsworth wedding photography crap which the spineless state of New Mexico is currently leaning in favor of.  And then you have the Oregon baker being sued by Cryers aptly named because they claimed they were mentally raped, suffered from excessive sleep, impaired digestion and acute loss of confidence.  That list of symptoms just made me ill – can I sue for that?
  • Her goal. All out war, don’t just destroy the argument, destroy the person for making the argument.  She must not have a lot of friends
  • Gave the salaries of the various news anchors – nothing like millionaires trying to act like their little people when they are on the campaign team for Killary. (Maddow makes 7M for the garbage she spews
  • Her 20th question for media is”Why are you such a douche bag” – I laughed thinking of our friend Dr. G out in Yellowstone.
  • Chelsea told a British newspaper she didn’t care about  money – really, her parents paid for a $3M wedding and a $10M apartment – life is so hard for those crooks
  • She brought up the Stephanopoulos trying to hide his contributions to the Clinton Foundation and still claiming to be an unbiased reporter – he my friends is a total douchebag – I call him Snuffleupagus whenever I see him.
  • She must not like Oprah much – or as she puts it – a fat black woman on Chicago television
  • They had a parade every year – they either dressed up as Uncle Sam, Lady Liberty or a clown – GOOD GOD PEOPLE STOP DRESSING UP AS CLOWNS – it is just plain creepy.
  • Flyover nation is the prime provider of heroes who server our countries – contrast that with the we have better things to do on the coasts populous.  Georgia provide the highest percentage of enlisted residents – followed by South Carolina, Florida, Alaska and Alabama – wait a minute – she once again generalizes even though Alaska and Florida are actually coastal states.  At bottom of fewest veterans state – New York and New Jersey.  Less than 1% of Ivy Leaguer’s enter service but did point in the past the elites did serve their country.
  • Did not know that Jimmy Carter graduated from US Naval Academy and served on a nuclear sub.
  • She included my favorite Bumbles quote where he mocked “bitter” voters “in a lot of small towns in the Midwest” who “who cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations”  This was said to a bunch of donors in San Fran… and he wonders why we do not like him (and not just because we are taught not to use “aren’t” when speaking in public)
  • The idea that the founders referred to only muskets when drafting the second amendment should be embarrass any historical illiterate who uses that argument – I like to point out that the Kentucky Rifle was the AR of the day.
  • Be wary of any guns statistic from the Left – since it will include justified shootings, and suicides – that I know!
  • Look into Jalita Johnson’s strawman purchase of a gun for her boyfriend who killed a cop – oh look the Obama appointed judge only handed down a 180 days of house arrest – how about we start enforcing the laws already on the book!?!  – is that the sounds of crickets I hear? – she provides case after case of liberal judges putting our neighborhoods at risk
  • In 2010, 80K falsifications were entered on the gun background check – a felony by the way – only 44 were ever prosecuted.  When someone tries to tell you there is a gun problem in the US – I recommend telling them the problem is America is liberal judges
  • Ben Carson told Glenn Beck that he felt guns should be regulated by geography – less need in cities than say rural areas.  So the 2nd Amendment only applies to certain people – wonder if he believes that holds for the 1st Amendment as well.
  • Points out that apparently justification for Mike Brown is to burn down black establishments – nice
  • I didn’t know that a person who testified at Brown’s case was found shot in the head in a burning vehicle
  • The Affirmative Consent Project – universities encouraging students to be photograph themselves with consent forms before having sex – how romantic
  • GOPs are for over the counter birth control but get this – Planned Parenthood is against it – seems someone doesn’t want to lose their monopoly of selling tissues for research
  • She does a good job of dismissing the pay gender gap
  • She actually states that Planet Fitness is a fake gym because it doesn’t have a real squat rack  – umm, does someone have an ax to grind- she did point out they support the “I think I’m this gender today” policy in their locker rooms.  The good news, you can simply choose to not patron them if you disagree with their policy – my guess capitalism will decide their fate on this – now public sector – that is an entirely different story.
  • “Bravery is acting like a man when you’re a man”
  • The New York Times published an op-ed of modern man rules – 16: he takes the bed side closet to door so he can fend off intruders until his wife gets away – she then states “because he is a giant pansy that doesn’t own a gun” followed by rule 25 stating that the modern man never owns a gun – if that is the case, count me out of being a Modern Man – or as I like to call it a VICTIM
  • Refers to Environmentalists as quasireligous sect of nut-eating hemp wearers – don’t think she likes them much
  • Nixon created the EPA in 1970 but he mistakenly made it at a federal and not a state level
  • She points out that where we are from we put an ‘r’ in wash – for the record I used to until I got to college – to preempt the comments from my Chicago friends I opted to remove it.
  • Lobbying is a 3.24B industry in ’14
  • Clinton claims she is one of us, but hasn’t driven a car since 1996 – oh how the posh life must be
  • Harry Reid once proclaimed he could smell the tourists coming into the Capital – hey Harry, get owned by a fictitious work out band lately?
  • Bob Dole once claimed the most dangerous place in America was between Chuck Schumer and a television camera
  • When she hears New York values she hears 7 round mag limits, ban on Big Gulps and the extra tax you have to pay if you want your bagel sliced among other things – yeah, we know New York values out her in the Midwest.



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    Now that I can finally breathe a bit I can get to responding to my comments! I still have a can of Billy Beer unopened – guessing that thing is worth a… penny. I definitely liked the Onion article – this part in particular

    The Midwestern Aborigines are ruddy, generally heavy-set folk, clad in plain, non-designer costumery,” Eldred said. “They tend to live in simple, one-story dwellings whose interiors are decorated with Hummels and ‘Bless This House’ needlepoint wall-hangings. And though coarse and unattractive, these simple people were rather friendly, offering us quaint native fare such as ‘hotdish’ and ‘casserole.’

    I was shocked they didn’t mention the propensity for long sticks that go boom

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