For the Medal of Course

Howdy folks.  It has been a while since I’ve posted a race recap.  In fact, somehow I’ve managed to get FOUR races behind thanks to a late Fall surge that included a major check in my life list.  I will keep with tradition and do the recaps in chronological order… but trust me, I really really really want to get to that big one (hint, redemption).  So, first up is the race that is closest to my heart.

Bix 7 2019

Yep, it was another running of the Bix 7 in Davenport, IA.  Your chance to run with the best which for those not familiar with running lingo means you get to stand at the starting line with elite runners from around the globe – many of which have excelled during the Olympics, won signature races like the Boston or New York Marathon or likely go on to dominate the upcoming racing circuit.  These specially invited participants come from across the States, Ethiopia, Africa and other runner hotspots (who now pretty much live and train in the US) in hopes of winning a car – although they always take the money equivalent).  Here is a picture of three of them!

Bix 7 2019

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